What’s the difference between 3T and 4T Instant Shower Water Heaters?


Instant shower heaters come in various models, each to suit the needs of different customers. The 3 most common models include:

  • 3T (Three temperature model).
  • 4T (Four temperature model).
  • Multi-temperature model.

In this article, we’re going to break down some of the differences between the two most ubiquitous models, that is, the 3T and 4T models.

3 Temperature model instant shower heaters

Example of a 3T model instant shower heater (The ENERBRAS Enerducha 3T)

The 3T model, as the name implies, comes with 3 temperature settings to choose from. The first is the cold or “OFF” setting. This means that water will not be heated and the instant shower will not consume any power. This “OFF” setting is also the first setting on the 4T model showers we will discuss later in this article.

The second setting is normally a low/ medium setting. Water from the shower in this setting will be lukewarm/ warm, depending on the brand of the shower, but not hot. The shower unit will also be at low/ medium power consumption depending on its power rating. This is the most ideal setting if you want to minimize power consumption while still enjoying your showers.

Third and last is the high setting. This setting will give the hottest water the shower can provide given its power rating (watts). Also note that this is also the setting where the shower’s power consumption is highest. If you prefer super hot and steamy showers and don’t care for the power bill is, this is the setting for you.

Some examples of 3 Temperature instant shower heaters include: LORENZETTI Maxi Ducha 3T, ENERBRAS Enerducha 3T, HORIZON 3T and LINIER 3T.

4 Temperature model instant shower heaters

Example of a 4T model instant shower heater (The ENERBRAS Enershower 4T)

As earlier discussed, the first setting of the 4T model will be the same as the first setting of the 3T model. Basically it’s the “OFF” position and the shower consumes no power. However, this being a 4T model instant shower heater, it will have 4 temperature settings in total. This gives the user more temperature choices to pick from.

The second setting is a low setting where the water is lukewarm. Here, the water temperature is somewhere in the middle of cold and warm. The water will feel slightly warmer than your body temperature. Power consumption in this setting is very low; lower than the second setting of the 3T model instant shower heater discussed in the section above.

The third setting of this instant shower heater will produce warm water. The water temperature will be between lukewarm/ tepid and hot, thus this setting gives hotter water than the preceding second setting. This setting is also called the “medium” setting on some instant shower heater brands such as on the Brazil made ENERBRAS 4T model.

The fourth and final setting for the 4T model is the high setting. This is the maximum and hottest temperature setting for this instant shower heater. Power consumption will also be highest when the shower unit is set to the “high” setting.

Some examples of 4 Temperature instant shower heaters include: LORENZETTI Maxi Ducha 4T and ENERBRAS Enershower 4T.

One more thing to note is that 4T model showers have a bigger water surface area diameter (spreader) compared to their 3T model counterparts. This is not to conclusively say that 4T models use up more water since this will depend on among other factors the duration and frequency of showers.

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